Annual Herbs
Annual Herbs
Annual Herbs
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Santo Cilantro (Coriander)
Standard cilantro with robust flavor.
Now available organic! Standard cilantro.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
Bolt-resistant variety with uniform, upright plants.
Bolt-resistant variety with uniform plants.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 120-150 to seed
Standard cilantro with robust flavor.
Standard cilantro.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
Best Genovese type for containers, preferred variety for greenhouse.
Best Genovese type for containers.
74 Days
An elegant way to add cilantro flavor to Mexican dishes.
Intricate green leaves with cilantro flavor.
16 - 25 Days
Attractive and intensely flavorful sweet-and-tangy lemon basil.
Sweet and tangy lemon basil.
60 Days
Nearly black in color, this basil is the only purple Genovese type.
The only purple Genovese-type basil.
60 Days
A delicate way to add basil flavor to Italian dishes.
Shiny green leaves, sweet spicy flavor.
16 - 25 Days
Classic large-leaf type; sweeter taste and scent than Genovese.
Classic large-leaf type.
78 Days
Authentic Thai basil flavor, ideal for flavoring Thai dishes.
Authentic Thai basil flavor.
64 Days
Traditional French herb lends mild, sweet anise flavor in subtle way.
Mild, sweet anise flavor.
16 - 25 Days
Excellent slow-to-bolt, bunching variety with uniform plant habit.
Excellent bunching dill.
40-50 to leaf harvest; 90-100 to seed
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Fernleaf Herbs for Salad Mix
Slow-bolting dwarf dill for containers, with high leaf yields.
Dwarf dill with high leaf yields.
55-60 to leaf harvest; 95-115 to seed
Classic Italian basil variety with authentic flavor and appearance.
Classic Italian variety.
68 Days
Brussels Winter type with dark-green leaves.
Brussels Winter type with dark green leaves.
60 Days
Clear bright-orange blooms are reminiscent of gerberas.
Clear bright-orange blooms are reminiscent of gerberas.
50 - 55 Days
Zesty citrus aroma for adding unique flair to fish and salads.
Zesty citrus aroma.
60 Days
An excellent filler accent for adding color and scent to bouquets.
Add color and scent to your bouquets with basil.
75 - 80 Days
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