January 2011

New Varieties and Products for 2011

January is the best month to choose crops, order seeds, and plan your seed-starting and planting schedules. Spring is still months away, but you can start planting earlier than ever before with the new season extension products available from Johnny's. And by doing your planning this early, you can be sure you won't miss any important windows for valuable early crops.

In this issue of the JSS Advantage, we'll tell you about some new tools and strategies to help with your planning as well as best practices for growing your own transplants.

Planning for markets

AssessmentAs a commercial grower, you know that production and marketing must go hand-in-hand. You want to grow crops only if you'll have a market for them at harvest time. And you want to start going to market only when you have sufficient volume to make it worth your time. Scheduling multiple crops for harvest on a target date can be complicated. That's why Johnny's in collaboration with Growing for Market has created a Target Harvest Date Calculator.

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Seed Starting

rudolph radishMarket growers start transplants in a wide range of facilities that run the gamut from climate-controlled greenhouses to unheated hoophouses to grow lights in the basement. Although a sophisticated greenhouse may be the ideal growing environment, many growers make do with much less during their start-up phase. Luckily, seeds don't care where they are started, as long as three conditions are provided: appropriate temperature, light or darkness, and moisture.

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Growing to transplant size

no drift sprayerMany growers start seeds in small containers to maximize the number of plants that can be grown on a heat mat or germination chamber. Johnny's 20-row seed flat is well-suited for this type of system because it uses a minimal amount of germinating medium and allows seeds to be separated by variety. After the seedlings have two sets of true leaves, they can be "pricked out" and transplanted into larger cells or plugs.

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Save 10 percent on seed starting supplies!

Give your crops a head start! Save 10 percent on Johnny's seed-starting supplies from Jan. 3 to Feb. 28, 2011. Use offer code 11-1054 to get your discount at checkout.

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Plan, Choose, Grow

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