Johnny's June 2013 Newsletter : Effective Sustainable Pest & Disease Controls

June 2013
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Rotate & Combine Controls to Prevent Tolerance Buildup

Effective, Sustainable Pest & Disease Control

Adopting an Integrated Pest Management Approach

Just as many vegetables and flowers thrive in the long, warm days of summer, so too do many insects and diseases. Every experienced farmer knows that some pest and disease pressure is inevitable. The challenge is to prevent pests and diseases from making crops unmarketable.

In this issue of the JSS Advantage, we will provide tips for controlling pests and diseases in a way that is effective and safe for you, your workers, and the environment.

Rotate Crops & Controls

Late Blight on Tomatoes

Prevent Resistance Buildup in Pests & Pathogens

If crops are replanted year after year in the same location, pests and diseases will tend to build up resistance to the controls used to keep them at bay. Crop rotation is a great way to prevent buildup of pathogens in the soil that are specific to that type of crop. It is also a good way to minimize populations of overwintering crop-specific pests.

Another effective way to minimize resistance buildup is by alternating or combining the controls. In this article, we'll introduce some examples of rotation, combination, and resistance-proof controls for minimizing this effect in crop pathogens.

JSS 40th Anniversary
Farm Visits & Grower Profiles

Gathering Together Farm, Philomath, Oregon
Gathering Together Farm in Philomath, Oregon

When Frank and Karen Morton arrived in Philomath, Oregon, in 1987 to look for farmland, the first growers they met were John Eveland and Sally Brewer, who were in their first season of market farming at Gathering Together Farm.

The Mortons bought a farm five miles away, and the two couples became good friends and organic farming collaborators. Frank jokes about what he calls their early "misadventures," but in fact, the collaboration between Gathering Together Farm and Wild Garden Seed has been a great fit for both…

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