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November 2012
Try Something New in 2013!

Why Try Something New?

Every year, Johnny's introduces dozens of new products for commercial growers, and this year is no exception. When you receive your 2013 catalog, you will find new varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, several useful new tools, and numerous new supplies. Our quest for new products is part of our commitment to working in partnership with our customers, to find solutions to common problems and advance the business of market farming. In this issue of the JSS Advantage, you'll read about the best ways to adopt new varieties and products for your farm.

Why change?

Market farming is like every other business in this rapidly changing world: there's always something new. Plant breeders develop varieties with better flavor, yield, disease resistance, appearance, or earliness. Researchers find new ways to control pests. Engineers tinker with tools and equipment to build them better. The allied industry is based on the idea that improvements are just waiting to be discovered.

With a constant parade of new products, though, you might feel a bit bewildered by the choices and wonder which are worth your attention and money. So it makes sense to approach "new and improved" products in a methodical manner. Here's what we recommend:

  • First, take a look at this year's new products and read what they have to offer. Some will jump out immediately as possible purchases, so take notes as you go.
  • Think about your own particular problems on a crop-by-crop basis. Maybe you've had crop failures or poor yields for a certain variety. Or perhaps you grow a crop well but think it's costing too much to weed or harvest to be profitable. You might want to extend the season of some of your crops. Or you might want to differentiate yourself at market by growing something a bit different. Perhaps it's time to try something you've never grown before. As you assess the past season's crops, make a list of what you would like to do better.
  • Prioritize the improvements you'd like to make, placing at the top of the list those that seem to have the most potential to increase your profits.
  • Finally, go back to the catalog and review product descriptions again with an eye toward meeting the objectives you established for next season. Analyze the cost versus the potential return, and decide which products to include in your budget.

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Johnny's Selection Process
Starts with Your Feedback

Our success can only be assured as long as we continue to provide superior products and information to support your growing needs. At the heart of our selection process are these components:

  • Breeding. Working at our research farm in Maine and with cooperators around the world, Johnny's has a history of producing award-winning varieties and introducing unique products to market.
  • Trialing. Johnny's selects products when we are sure that strict performance standards are met, based on trials of thousands of products each year.
  • Partnering. Our ongoing collaboration with industry experts, customers, and grassroots organizations has ensured mutual success for 40 years.

Each of these core components is integral to an ongoing selection process in which the following phases occur in a cyclical fashion:

5 Critical Steps to the Right Products

Your success is what makes our work together most worthwhile — with all the moving parts, people, places, seed, soil, water, sun, tools, and toil — it just doesn't get any better than this.

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Coming Soon... Over 130 New Products

Our 2013 catalog will be arriving in your mailbox in late November — if you'd like a preview, visit our website — all new 2013 products will be available at on November 15th!

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