Cold Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
Johnny's performs extensive trials in winter high tunnels to bring you the toughest, most cold-hardy vegetables and flowers available. The following crops not only survive, but thrive in the seeming dead of winter. Choose vegetable and flower seeds with proven cold tolerance to extend your growing window.
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Standard dark-green, curled kale; excellent yield and cold hardiness.
Standard dark-green, curled kale.
60 Days
The most winter-hardy bunching onion, with little or no bulbing.
The most winter-hardy bunching onion.
65 Days
This mild-tasting, slightly nutty mâche is the ideal winter salad item.
Mâche for winter salads.
50 Days
Succulent, cold-hardy salad green with heart-shaped leaf pairs.
Succulent, cold-hardy salad green.
40 Days
Old French heirloom with medium-red tinted leaves, excellent flavor.
Well-known French heirloom.
28 Days
For one-cut or traditional harvest.
For one-cut harvest.
55 Days
Very winter-hardy open-pollinated leek.
Very winter-hardy OP leek.
120 Days
Cold-hardy plant especially suited for adding crunch to winter salads.
Especially for winter salads.
50 Days
Cold tolerant for late crops.
Cold tolerant for late crops.
110 Days
The most reliable open-pollinated fall leek and a vigorous grower.
The most reliable OP fall leek.
100 Days
Excellent eating quality from storage; performs well under stress.
Excellent eating quality from storage.
95 Days
Beautiful red savoy with light-green interior leaves, delicious flavor.
Beautiful red savoy with light green interior leaves.
105 Days
Large, uniform, and very frost-hardy leek with high yield potential.
Large, uniform, and very frost hardy.
110 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Clio Italian Dandelion
Tender and uniform Italian dandelion, for cut-and-come-again harvest.
Tender and uniform Italian dandelion.
48 Days
Carefree crop for a unique market offering, also known as Sunchokes.
A unique market offering, Jerusalem Artichokes are also known as Sunchokes.
90 Days
Great mix of color from summer through early fall.
Great mix of color from summer through early fall.
70 - 85 Days
Exceptional uniformity makes for a faster harvest.
Exceptional uniformity makes for a faster harvest.
90 Days
Italian dandelion for salad mix or bunching, a highly uniform strain.
For salad mix or bunching.
28 baby; 48 full size
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