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Now available organic! Compact English lavender.
100 - 110 Days
Edible, ornamental Thai type with larger leaves and showy flowers.
New! Thai basil with larger leaves.
80 Days
Excellent organic bunching dill.
Now available organic! Excellent bunching dill.
40-55 for leaf harvest; 90-100 for seed
Cutting Celery
Leafy herb with bold celery flavor.
Now available organic! Leafy herb with bold celery flavor.
80 - 85 Days
Out of Stock
Classic Italian variety.
68 Days
The preferred culinary variety.
The preferred culinary variety.
75 Days
Most widely grown.
40-55 to leaf harvest; 85-105 to seed
Classic Italian variety.
68 Days
Clear, bright orange blooms are reminiscent of gerberas.
50 - 55 Days
Spectacular mix of colors with bicolor petals.
55 Days
Standard variety.
60 - 65 Days
The standard winter-hardy thyme with good flavor and yield.
90 - 95 Days
Standard cilantro available in organic seed.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
A staple of the herb garden.
80 - 90 Days
An excellent filler accent for adding color and scent to bouquets.
Add color and scent to your bouquets with basil.
75 - 80 Days
Edible flower with mild cucumber flavor.
50 - 60 Days
Authentic Thai basil flavor.
64 Days
An oregano relative with zesty flavor.
85 - 90 Days
1 - 18 of 74