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Herb Disks
Herb Disks
Choose from a selection of culinary herb varieties in biodegradable disk form. Each 4" round disk fills out a 6" nursery pot (sold separately). The result is a neat, compact plant with great flavor and appearance. Perfect container gardens for kitchen counters, windowsills, or market sales.
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Compact basil variety in convenient disk for easy container sowing.
Quick, easy, and convenient biodegradable seed disks.
74 Days
Slow-bolting variety in convenient biodegradable disk for sowing ease.
Easy-to-use, biodegradable seed disks.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
Perfectly fills out 6" pot; ideal for container gardens, market sales.
Quick, easy, and convenient.
21 baby; 40 full size
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