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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Johnny's Butterfly and Hummingbird Mix

Johnny's Butterfly and Hummingbird MixFlower Seed


Product ID: 1738

Attract butterflies and hummingbirds from spring through fall.

Flowers reach about 3 1/2' and create a meadow effect. Plant in full sun for best results. Crushed corn cobs are added as a filler to this mix for better distribution of seed. SEEDlNG RATE: 1/4 lb. sows 600 sq.ft. Full sun. (Varieties subject to change depending upon availability.) Mix contains:

• Centaurea cyanus - Bachelor's Button (A)
• Cheiranthus allionii - Siberian Wallflower (P)
• Consolida ambigua - Larkspur (A)
• Coreopsis tinctoria - Plains Coreopsis (A)
• Cosmos bipinnatus - Cosmos (A)
• Cosmos sulphureus - Sulphur Cosmos (A)
• Lobularia maritima - Sweet Alyssum (A)
• Lupinus succulentus - Arroyo Lupine (A)
• Monarda citriodora - Lemon Mint (A)
• Phlox drummondii - Phlox (A)
• Rudbeckia hirta - Black-eyed Susan (A)
• Salvia coccinea - Scarlet Sage (A) Avg. 113,000 seeds/lb.

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17381/4 Pound  $17.75 

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Days to Maturity or Bloom:   Varies

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Shipping Information & Notes

CAUTION: This mix contains Lupinus succulentus, commonly known as arryo lupine, and Consolida ambigua, commonly known as larkspur. All parts of these plants are poisonous, including the seeds. Exercise extreme caution around children and pets. The purchaser assumes all liabilities relating to the use of these products.

Growing Information

Flower Mixes

DAYS TO GERMINATION: 10-28 days at 65-75°F (18-24°C).

SOWING: Direct seed (recommended): Prepare weed-free field or bed area. Broadcast mixture evenly over area. Lightly rake seed and gently tamp into soil. Seed should be no deeper than 1/8". Keep area moist to aid germination. Planting Times: Plant in late spring, after late frost, early summer or fall. Fall seeding can be very successful, especially on dry soils. Fall plantings are dormant seedings and the seeds will not germinate until spring.


SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Average, well-drained soil.

SEEDING RATES: 1/4 lb. package sows 600 square feet.

USES: Natural plantings for beds and field areas.

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