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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Disease Resistance:

No disease information found.

Symbols Explained



Variety is highly fragrant.

Good for Trellising

Good for Trellising

Variety requires a trellis in order to grow properly.

Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets

Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets

Good variety to choose for fresh cut Flowers displays.

Spencer Ripple Formula Mix

Spencer Ripple Formula MixSweet Pea Seed


Product ID: 1807

Ruffled petals on long stems.

These flowers look as good as they smell with their uniquely ruffled, bicolor petals. Displayed alone or mixed with solid color varieties in bouquets, they are simply gorgeous. One of the most fragrant sweet pea varieties. Very popular in England. Can be spelled either as sweet pea or sweetpea.

• Attracts hummingbirds.
Ht. 72-96". Avg. 350 seeds/oz. Packet: 50 seeds.

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1807Packet  $3.95 
18071 Ounce  $12.75 
18071/4 Pound  $32.75 
18071 Pound  $112.25 

Quick Facts

Days to Maturity or Bloom:   75-85

Plant Cycle:   (A)  

Product Symbols:

Fragrant   Good for Trellising   Use for Cut Flowers and Bouquets  

Shipping Information & Notes

CAUTION: All parts of this plant are poisonous, including the seeds. Exercise extreme caution around children and pets. The purchaser assumes all liabilities relating to the use of this product.

Sweet Peas | Production Guide

Growing Information

Sweet Peas

DAYS TO GERMINATION: 14-21 days at 55-65°F (13-18°C). Presoak seed for 24 hours in room temperature water prior to planting to aid germination.

SOWING: Direct seed (recommended): Sow 6 weeks before the last frost, 2-3 seeds 6" apart, 1/4- 1/2" deep. Darkness is required for germination. Thin to 6" apart when true leaves appear.
Transplant: Sow 4-6 weeks before planting out. Sow 2 seeds directly into each cell or 3-4" pot, 1/4- 1/2" deep. Keep soil surface moist until emergence. Thin to one plant when the true leaves appear. Transplant outside as soon as the soil can be worked. Seedlings won't be damaged by a late frost.

GROWING ON: Mulch to keep the roots cool. Pinch when 6-8" tall to encourage denser branching and more flowers. Cutting flowers increases bloom.


SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Rich, deep, loamy, moist, well-drained soil.

PLANT HEIGHT: Varies. Support is needed.



HARVEST: Harvest when half the flowers on a stem are open.


VASE LIFE: 4-6 days
Sweet Peas do not store well, but if necessary store at a temperature of 36-39°F (2-4°C), providing at least 12 hours of light per day.

USES: Cut flower, back of borders, fences, trellises, arbors, and cottage gardens.

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