Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Disease Resistance:


Northern Corn Leaf Blight


Common Rust


Southern Corn Leaf Blight



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Easy Choice

Easy Choice

Variety is easy-to-grow.

Augusta (F1) (Treated)

Augusta (F1) (Treated)


Product ID: 2825T


Midseason white.

Big, beautiful, cylindrical ears avg. 8" and are filled with 16-18 rows of tender sweet kernels. Husks are dark green with abundant flag leaves, and are very easy to harvest from the 6 1/2' plants. Excellent tight husks cover tips of ears very well, providing good protection from birds. Recommended minimum soil temperature at planting 55°F/13°C. intermediate resistance to common rust, northern corn leaf blight, smut, and southern corn leaf blight. Treated seed. Avg. 2,800 seeds/lb. Packet: 150 seeds.

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Days to Maturity or Bloom:   79

Plant Cycle:   (A)  

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Easy Choice  

Disease Resistance Codes:

NCLB   R   SCLB   SM  

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SHIPPING NOTE: Orders to British Columbia Canada require phytosanitry inspection. The cost for this inspection starts at $125.00 USD.

Sweet Corn | Comparison Chart

Growing Information

Corn, Sweet

CULTURE: Cold soil planting risks poor germination! Even treated corn seeds (fungicide or Natural II) risk low germination under 60°F (16°C). Only treated seeds of good cold-germinating varieties may be sown in 55°F (13°C) soil if warmer weather is anticipated. Otherwise wait until soil temperature is at least 60°F (16°C). Please see the sweet corn comparison chart for minimum soil temperature at planting for individual varieties. Make first sowings of UNTREATED seeds when soil is warm, at least 65°F (18°C). Floating row covers may be used on early plantings to help moderate soil temperature.
Plan to separate small plantings of Super Sweets by a distance of 25 feet, (acreage plantings,100 feet) from non-Super Sweet varieties, or by time, a 10-day planting date/maturity difference. Extensive crossing with non-Super Sweets will result in tough, starchy kernels in both types. Sow 3/4-1" deep, 6-7" apart (or 2 seeds every 9", thinning to 1 plant), rows 30-36" apart. Increase this rate for untreated seeds. Arrange in blocks of at least 4 rows for proper pollination, which is needed for well-filled ears. Successive plantings can be made through early summer; most growers prefer to extend the sweet corn season by planting a few varieties of different maturities.
Consult your local Extension office for Integrated Pest Management information. Reduce insect pests in the next corn crop by prompt plowing-in or removal and composting of cornstalks after harvest.
When kernels are full and "milky," generally indicated by a drying and browning of the ear silks. Record the date on which about half the plants show silk. Corn is ready to eat 18-24 days after ear silks first show; the warmer the weather, the sooner you can pick it.
Varies widely with weather conditions and planting dates. Use these figures to compare one variety to another, not to accurately predict maturity on a given day.
500'/M, 2,500'/5M, 12,500'/25M, 30M/acre at 2 seeds/ft. in rows 36" apart.
SEEDS/LB.: 1,700-3,500 (avg. 2,500 su/se/synergistic type). Super Sweet 2,500-5,500 (avg. 3,000)
150 seeds sows 75' at 2 seeds/ft.
(1) treated with Natural II organic seed enhancement (B), (2) treated with fungicide seed protectants (T), or (3) untreated seeds. We offer most varieties untreated or Natural II treated for organic growers. All fungicide treated corn seeds are polymer-coated after treatment to prevent rubbing off or dusting of the treatment.

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