Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Disease Resistance:


Fusarium Wilt (Races 1 & 2)


Fusarium Crown and Root Rot


Resistant to Leaf Molds A-E


Powdery Mildew


Tobacco Mosaic Virus


Verticillium Wilt

Symbols Explained

Greenhouse Performer

Greenhouse Performer

This symbol is assigned to only those varieties that we have found, based on our trials, to be the best performers in a climate-controlled greenhouse environment. These varieties have been selected based on proven vigor and disease resistance to sustain healthy growth through a longer season, high yields to justify the investment in the structure, and excellent flavor and appearance.

Rebelski (F1)

Rebelski (F1)


Product ID: 3017

Greenhouse tomato for fresh market.

The combination of very good flavor, texture, presentation, and an excellent disease package makes Rebelski a great greenhouse tomato for market growers. Bright red, shiny, ribbed fruits avg. 7-8 oz., and are very crack resistant. Enough firmness to withstand some handling. Developed for the European market that appreciates ribbed tomatoes. An excellent disease package keeps the crop healthy over a long season. Very high yield potential. Also known as DRW 7749. Avg. 341,200 seeds/lb. Packet: 15 seeds.

Product Price Qty
3017Packet  $18.95 
301750 Seeds  $56.65 
3017100 Seeds  $108.15 
3017250 Seeds  $206.00 
3017500 Seeds  $400.00 
30171,000 Seeds  $776.50 
30175,000 Seeds  $3,424.75 
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Quick Facts

Days to Maturity or Bloom:   75

Plant Cycle:   (A)  

Product Symbols:

Greenhouse Performer  

Disease Resistance Codes:

F2   FOR   LM   PM   TMV   V  

Shipping Information & Notes

Growing Information


CULTURE: Much of the acreage of fresh tomatoes in Europe and Asia is grown in controlled-environment greenhouses or informal poly tunnels. Selected varieties enable growers to stretch the harvest season on both ends. Even unheated poly tunnels can ripen tomatoes 3 to 4 weeks earlier than outdoors. We trial varieties from many talented breeders to determine which are best adapted to low-tech systems. All are indeterminate, and must be pruned (1 or 2 main stems) and staked/trellised.
PACKET: 15 seeds, unless otherwise noted.

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