Recommended for Winter Harvest
Recommended for Winter Harvest
Recommended for Winter Harvest
Split seeds for precise planting.
Split seeds for precise planting.
50-55 to leaf harvest; 90-105 to seed
Succulent, cold-hardy salad green with heart-shaped leaf pairs.
Succulent, cold-hardy salad green.
40 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Alpine Daikon Radishes
Half-long daikon, the most common type grown for kimchi in Korea.
Half-long daikon.
55 Days
Great fall semi-savoy.
Great fall semi-savoy.
25 Days
Large, uniform, and very frost-hardy leek with high yield potential.
Large, uniform, and very frost hardy.
110 Days
True baby carrots.
True baby carrots.
50 Days
Long and slender snow-white roots with mild flavor, large healthy tops.
Long snow-white roots.
27 Days
Eye-catching pastel-pink color in a top-quality round radish.
Pastel pink round radish.
26 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Amara Mustard Greens
Tender, dark-green mustard from Africa with excellent, rich flavor.
Dark-green mustard from Africa.
21 baby; 40 full size
Bright purple open-pollinated variety with crisp, mild white flesh.
Bright purple, open-pollinated variety.
30 Days
Dark-green, deeply-lobed leaves on upright plant for easier harvest.
Upright plant with dark-green leaves.
51 Days
Smooth and uniform, round red roots with white tips.
Red with white tip.
26 Days
Colorful heat-tolerant spinach alternative.
Deep crimson-purple orach.
40 Days
Fall and winter harvest radicchio; quality enhanced by cool weather.
Radicchio for fall and winter harvest.
65 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Green Pac Pac Choi (Bok Choy)
Dark-green pac choi with oval-round leaves, excellent for baby leaf.
Dark-green pac choi with oval-round leaves for baby leaf.
21 baby; 48 full size
Refined, heat-tolerant choi sum for "cut and come again" harvest.
Refined, heat-tolerant choi sum.
40 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Carlton Asian Greens
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna with good heat and cold tolerance.
Very dark green-leaved komatsuna.
35 Days
Early organic variety with good tasting smooth, uniform roots.
Early, organic round red radish.
24 Days