Limited Quantities & Replacement Varieties
  • Limited: Will continue to be offered, but there is a limited quantity of seed available for purchase.
  • Sold Out: Will continue to be offered, but currently sold out for the season.
  • Dropped – Limited Seed Available: Once our limited quantity of seed is sold out, it will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Dropped – Sold Out: No longer available for purchase.

Limited Quantities & Replacements

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VEGETABLE Crop & Type Product # / Variety Status Substitute / Replacement
Arugula 2015 Astro Sold Out 2015G Astro OG or 385 Arugula
  3043 Dragon's Tongue Dropped – Sold Out
Beans, Bush 4392 Jade II Dropped – Limited Seed Available 16G Jade OG
Beets, Round Red 2758 Merlin Dropped – Limited Seed Available
  2841 Red Ace OG Sold Out
  2841GP Red Ace OG, Pelleted Limited Seed Available
Broccoli 2511 Bay Meadows Dropped – Sold Out
Carrots, Early 215 Nelson Dropped – Sold Out
  215JP Nelson Pelleted Dropped – Sold Out 2186JP Mokum
  2456 Caracas Limited Seed Available 2456JP Caracas
Carrots, Colored 2680 Purple Haze Limited Seed Available 3385 Purple Elite
  2680 Purple Haze Pelleted Limited Seed Available 3385JP Purple Elite Pelleted
Cauliflower, Orange 2954 Cheddar Limited Seed Available 3342 Flamestar
Corn, Dry 2534G Strubbes Orange OG Dropped – Sold Out
Corn, Sweet, Bicolor sh2 2637 Xtra-Tender 277A Dropped – Sold Out 3262 Xtra-Tender 20173
  2637T Xtra-Tender 277A Treated Dropped – Sold Out 3262T Xtra-Tender 20173
  3895 Xtra-Tender 2171 Dropped – Limited Seed Available
Corn, Sweet, Yellow sh2 6036XT XTH 1273 Treated Dropped – Sold Out
Chicory, Italian Dandelion 3993G Garnet Stem OG Dropped – Sold Out
Greens, Asian 2461 Hong Vit Dropped – Sold Out
Greens, Mustard 377 Green Wave Limited Seed Available
  377G Green Wave OG Limited Seed Available
  377X Southern Giant Curled Dropped – Sold Out
Greens, Cress 2779G Persian Cress OG Dropped – Sold Out
  382 Cressida Dropped – Sold Out
Greens, Specialty 2257 Gruner Red Purslane Dropped – Sold Out
  2778G Magenta Spreen OG Dropped – Sold Out
Kohlrabi 320X Azur Star Dropped – Sold Out
Lettuce, Babyleaf 3838G Lettony OG Dropped – Sold Out 3154G Celinet
Lettuce, Butterhead 2739GP Sylvesta OG Pelleted Dropped – Sold Out
Lettuce, Leaf 464 Vulcan Dropped – Sold Out 2542 Ruby Sky
Lettuce, Romaine 3063 Fenberg Dropped – Sold Out
  3063JP Fenberg, Pelleted Dropped – Sold Out
  3639G Fusion OG Dropped – Sold Out
  3639GP Fusion OG, Pelleted Dropped – Sold Out
  3880G Truchas OG Limited Seed Available
Microgreens 138M Hon Tsai Tai for Microgreens Dropped – Sold Out
  2155MX Daikon Radish for Microgreens Dropped – Sold Out
  377MG Green Wave Mustard OG for Microgreens Limited Seed Available
  377MX Mustard, Southern Giant Curled for Microgreens Dropped – Sold Out
  906M Cinnamon Basil for Microgreens Sold Out
Onions 2498 Red Bull Dropped – Sold Out 2137 Redwing
  3201 Red Label Dropped – Sold Out 2581 Cabernet
Parsnips 542 Lancer Dropped – Sold Out
Peas, Snap 559 Sugar Ann Sold Out 3343 PLS 141 or 2339 Sugar Sprint
Peppers, Bell 2038 King Arthur Limited Seed Available 2309 X3R® Red Knight
Peppers, Greenhouse 3185 Moonset Dropped – Sold Out
  3197 Sympathy Dropped – Sold Out
Peppers, Hot 2397G Ancho 211 OG Dropped – Sold Out
  2620 El Jefe Sold Out 3528 Jedi
  2875 Conchos Dropped – Sold Out
  2893 Tiburon Dropped – Sold Out
  3807 Jalafuego Sold Out 3528 Jedi
Peppers, Sweet 568 Biscayne Limited Seed Available
Pumpkin, Pie 629G Baby Pam OG Dropped – Sold Out
Pumpkin, Specialty 3668T Blaze Limited Seed Available
Radish, Daikon 2473 Alpine Limited Seed Available
Radish, Round 3764G Celesta OG Limited Seed Available
  664X Roxanne Limited Seed Available
Shallots 2703G Conservor OG Limited Seed Available
Sprouts 2155X Daikon Radish for Sprouting Dropped – Sold Out
Squash, Summer, Zucchini 3279G Green Machine OG Sold Out 3843G Dunja
  3669 Payload Dropped – Sold Out
  3843G Dunja OG Limited Seed Available
Squash, Winter, Kabocha 3034G Winter Sweet OG Limited Seed Available
Tomatoes, Determinate 3131 BHN-876 Dropped – Sold Out
  3204 Skyway Dropped – Sold Out
Tomatoes, Heirloom 3816 Speckled Roman Dropped – Sold Out
  714 Yellow Brandywine OG Dropped – Sold Out
Tomatoes, Paste, Plum & Roma 2587G Monica OG Dropped – Sold Out
Watermelon, Triploid (Seedless) 3856 Harvest Moon Dropped – Sold Out

Herb Crop Product # / Variety Status Substitute / Replacement
Calendula 867 Resina OG Dropped – Sold Out 2935 Alpha OG
Chervil 3646G Chervil OG Dropped – Sold Out 2441 Vertissimo
Cilantro 3803 Calypso Sold Out 3755 Cruiser
Dill 3876G Goldkrone OG Sold Out 3149G Hera OG
Parsley 3877 Paravert Dropped – Sold Out
  4000 Antaris Dropped – Sold Out 3132 Wega

Flower Crop Product # / Variety Status Substitute / Replacement
Centaurea 1978G Standard Mix OG Dropped – Sold Out
Cosmos 3718 Cupcakes Mix Limited Seed Available 3398 Cupcakes Blush
Snapdragon 1946 Potomac Plumblossom Dropped – Sold Out 1945 Potomac Appleblossom
Zinnia 1359FC Benary's Giant Bright Pink Dropped – Sold Out
  3700 Queen Lime with Blush Limited Seed Available

Farm Seed Product # / Variety Status Substitute / Replacement
Grains 968 Winter Rye Dropped – Limited Seed Available 968G Winter Rye OG

Tools Product # Status Substitute / Replacement
Transplanter, Jab Type 9414 Hatfield Transplanter 2.0" Dropped – Sold Out
  9406 Hatfield Transplanter 1.5" Dropped – Limited Product Available