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What's New with AgSquared?

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Introduction to AgSquared

AgSquared is is a farm-management software program for diversified market farms. It helps growers like you seamlessly track the thousands of details you may currently be keeping in notebooks, on spreadsheets, and in your head. Launched in beta form in 2012, AgSquared has since been refined and enriched to make it even more useful for keeping you in control of your farming business. Some of the great new features include:

Smart Scheduling

One of the most important updates this year is called smart scheduling, in which the calendar can reschedule related tasks whenever something happens to throw the schedule off. Let's say you schedule your broccoli planting for April 1, with weeding timed every 10 days until your projected harvest date. In AgSquared, you can enter all those dates on your calendar to remind yourself when it's time to weed. But then April 1st arrives, and you can't get into the field because it's raining too hard. You end up planting your broccoli 5 days later. With the new smart scheduling feature, all you have to do is open the calendar and drag that task from your original planting date to your actual planting date. The software will update all the subsequent tasks automatically.

Expanded Record Keeping

This year's update also provides for expanded record keeping, to help you recall exactly what you did and thought about the crop when you look back at it in the future. You can now add photos, text notes, audio recordings, spreadsheets, or any other kind of file so you can capture whatever information is important to you. And these features are integrated right into the calendar, so you can keep records every day while you're at work.

Enhanced Mapping

Another new feature is enhanced mapping that will help you and your workers know exactly where to execute a specified task. When you start an AgSquared account, one of the first things you'll do is map your fields, greenhouses, and other facilities on an aerial view map of your property. As you schedule tasks, you can identify them by location on the map. That way, if you tell your crew to trellis the peas, and you have three plantings of peas, your workers can click on the map to see which planting you mean. What's more, every place name is linkable to the map. If you note something happening in Hoophouse #2, the software remembers which hoophouse is #2 and links what's happening to its location on the map. You can also see at a glance where every crop was planted, which will help you plan rotations in following years.


Improved Integration

One of the most useful aspects of this year's update to AgSquared is the improved integration among features. When you schedule a planting, it appears on the calendar. When you make a note about a crop, it appears in the crop journal. At the end of the season, you can view a journal for every planting you made and see everything that occurred with that planting, such as when you seeded, weeded, sprayed, fertilized, row covered, harvested, and turned it under. This information is vital for future plantings, and it may be required for organic certification or other records.


Take a Test Run

These are just a few of the 2013 improvements to this leading-edge farm-management software. Learn more by visiting AgSquared's online Support Center, where you can read how-to articles or watch one of the tutorial videos. Johnny's is pleased to sponsor a free one-month trial to AgSquared — we hope you'll try it and find it helpful in planning and managing your growing season.




Johnny's Sponsors AgSquared
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