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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Farm Seed

Cover crops are an essential component of every sustainable farm. They are an investment in your gardens and fields that will pay future dividends of healthier, more productive cash crops. By growing your own inputs, you'll reduce the purchase of fertilizers, animal feed, and hay mulch. You'll save money and improve the health of your livestock, soils, crops and, ultimately, the food you sell.

Grains.  Often used as a nurse crop for slow-to-start legumes, grains can be harvested for straw as well as grain, and can also be grazed well into the winter months. All our seed grain is untreated, making it useful for cover crops or grain harvest.

Green Manures. Green manures add precious organic matter to the tilth and help to bring up nutrients from deep within the soil layers. We use green manures extensively in Johnny's farm operations.

Legumes/Grasses. Clovers and other legumes are the pillars of soil fertility maintenance, as well as important livestock forages. Legumes capture nitrogen from the air and store it in their roots, where it becomes available to subsequent crops.

Forage Crops. With increased interest in pasture-raised livestock, many livestock growers are turning to forage crops to maximize their animal husbandry profits. We offer a diverse selection of forage crops to assist growers in selecting annual and perennial crops to extend the grazing season while providing nutritious feed for their livestock.

Smother Crops. An effective strategy for getting ahead of annual weeds is to use cover crops. A quick annual such as buckwheat can be planted as a smother crop, to prevent weeds from flourishing on bare soil. Cover crops also can be used for longer periods, or even a full season, to combat a weed problem.

 Manure mix
Green Manures
 Hairy Vetch
 Forage turnips
Forage Crops
 Crimson clover
Smother Crops

Download Our Farm Seed Comparison Chart

Cover Crops Chart
See Johnny's Farm Manager's recommendations on this print-friendly .pdf.


Farm Seed

Grains: Barley, Wheat, Oats, Winter Rye, and more. Shop »

Green Manures: Mustards, Rape Seed, Millet, Sudangrass, and more. Shop »

Legumes and Grasses: Clover, Vetch, Alfalfa, Soybeans, Peas, and more. Shop »

Forage Crops: Mangels, Turnips, and more. Shop »

Smother Crops: Suppress weeds with these cover crops. Shop »

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Attract Beneficial Insects
Attract beneficial insects
Other varieties, including flowers and herbs, good for attracting beneficial insects. Shop »


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