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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Top 10 Applications for Farm Seed & Cover Crops

An Essential Component of Every Sustainable Farm

Strategic use of farm seed is an investment in the land that pays dividends in the form of greater long-term productivity and sustainability. With rich potential for a diversity of applications, farm seed and cover crops control erosion, add organic matter, conserve moisture, and support the integrity of soil and watershed ecology. By growing your own inputs, you economize on fertilizers, animal feed, and hay mulch, while improving the overall health of your livestock, soils, crops, the food you sell and, ultimately, the surrounding environment.

Of the many ways to incorporate farm seed into your operation, here are the top uses identified by Johnny's Research Team:

Recommended Farm Seed Uses

Green Manure

Green Manure Crops
Replenish organic matter and nutrients
to the soil while enhancing soil structure.

Erosion Control (Cover Crops)

Crops that Help Control Erosion
Hold the soil in place and minimize weather
impact between primary crop harvests.

Nitrogen Fixation

Nitrogen-Fixing Crops
Increase yields and reduce fertilizer costs by
planting crops that add nitrogen to the soil.

Compaction Control

Compaction Control Crops
Develop and maintain optimal soil profile by
breaking up deep layers of compacted soil.

Weed Suppression

Weed Suppressing Crops
Plant smother crops to reduce herbicide and
labor costs and improve soil health.


Multipurpose Grains
Diversified uses for grains include mulching,
crop rotation, livestock and human nutrition.

Pest Management

Crops that Support Pest Management
Improve marketable yields by incorporating
crops that contain glucosinolates into the soil.

Beneficial Insect Planting

Crops that Attract Beneficials
Attract bees and other beneficial insect populations
to improve pollination/fruit set, and for pest control.

Biomass (Organic Matter)

Crops that Add Biomass (Organic Matter)
Plant our recommended biomass crops for the high
volume of organic matter they potentially can produce.



Forage & Fodder Crops
Reduce costs and improve animal health by
growing your own livestock feed and pasture.

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Farm Seed Types
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Johnny's Farm Seed Comparison Chart
Farm Seed Comparison Chart
Review and compare key farm seed characteristics, including sowing season, germination temperatures, hardiness, and growth rate.

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