Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds

Johnny's Territory Sales Representatives

Helping the Small Commercial Grower to Excel

Johnny's knowledgeable Commercial Sales team is here for you, with region-specific, year-round support. Contact your Territory Representative to learn about the benefits of becoming a commercial customer of Johnny's, including information, resources, and assistance with:

  • Crop Planning
  • Variety Selection
  • Trend Awareness
  • Regional Expertise

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Territory Sales Representatives & Support Specialists

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John Bauer

Territory Sales Representative, California and Arizona

John joined Johnny's Sales team in 2009, bringing an extensive history in the agriculture industry to the position. John's past endeavors have included opening an organic market garden in New Hampshire 40 years ago, farming over 200 acres of conventionally and organically grown crops in Massachusetts, serving as a former Research and Production Director, and holding the position of GM for a large organic vegetable and herb farm in California.

John's passion has always been trialing and discovering innovative new varieties, production methods, and equipment design. In California he has broadened our knowledge base on the value of beneficial flower insectary crops and hedgerows, exploring creative ways to control insects and diseases within an organic system. He has also gained insight into leading-edge varieties bred and developed for the California vegetable and herb farming industry. John takes this responsibility seriously and works energetically to service growers and businesses within this dynamic region.

Current sales territory: California and Arizona

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5305 (to speak with Amy Dolley, Sales Support Specialist)
Phone: 831-359-1905

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Lainie Kertesz

Territory Sales Representative, Northwest, Alaska, and Hawai'i

Lainie has worked at Johnny's Selected Seeds, in total, for more than 20 years. During her tenure she has worn many hats: she worked on the variety trials in the early 80s; as a commercial technical sales rep from 1994 to 2001; and as one of our vegetable seed buyers for 12 years. In 2012, Lainie transitioned back to the Commercial Sales department, bringing her vast knowledge of the industry with her. Staying current with industry issues and trends, market farming techniques, and consumer demands gives Lainie valuable insight into choosing the best varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and tools available for Johnny's commercial growers.

Current sales territory: Alaska, Colorado, Hawai'i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, and Wyoming.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5320
Phone: 207-238-5320

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Chris Hillier

Territory Sales Representative, Northeast

Chris has worked for Johnny's as a Territory Sales Representative for five years. She is a graduate of the University of Maine, with a Master's degree in Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture. Her prior experience includes eight years as a research technician running small fruit and vegetable trials. Her working knowledge of the fields and technical background allow Chris to provide valuable feedback and customer-centric advice.

Current sales territory: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5309
Phone: 207-238-5309

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Kristen Dubord

Territory Sales Representative, Northeast and US Territories

Kristen began working with Johnny's in 2010. Kristen was raised in a family of avid growers who sold pumpkins, berries, and select vegetables from the family home. Those early years fostered a strong passion for growing, and with her husband Matthew, Kristen maintains a small, nearly self-sustaining farm along the banks of the Sandy River. Prior to joining Johnny's team, Kristen ran her own business and fostered her experience with client-oriented best practices and prioritizing customer care above and beyond expectations. Her focus on customer care and relationship-building has been a strong asset within the Johnny's team. She also has an extensive educational background in Environmental Sciences and is a passionate outdoor enthusiast.

Current sales territory: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and US Territories.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5308
Phone: 207-238-5308

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Ken Fine

Territory Sales Representative, North Midwest and Massachusetts

Ken has worked with commercial growers at Johnny's Selected Seeds since 1999. He has observed the evolution of small organic farms struggling on the fringe to the era of locally grown, organic produce being appreciated in the mainstream. He likes to stay current with successful market farming techniques, trends in consumer interest, and the best varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers available.

Ken's background in farming dates back to 1981, with an apprenticeship at the UC Santa Cruz Farm Project. In 1985 he founded a mixed vegetable market farm in Liberty, Maine, growing specialty lettuces, greens, and a full line of quality produce of all types. The harvest was sold directly to stores and restaurants in Mid Coast Maine and shipped to restaurants as distant as Portland and Boston.

Current sales territory: Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5307
Phone: 207-238-5307

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Randy Cummings

Territory Sales Representative, South Central US

Johnny's 2013 Employee of the Year, Randy Cummings is the Territory Sales Representative for the South Central United States. He joined the Johnny's team in 2011, with public relations and customer service background has been cultivated over more than 20 years, with experience ranging from his own family's small neighborhood market to large corporate businesses. Randy shares his passion for better understanding Johnny's customers' diverse needs and seeks to improve the customer experience in everything he does.

Current sales territory: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5348
Phone: 207-238-5348

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Rod Heyerdahl

Territory Sales Representative, Southeast US

Rod joined the team at Johnny's as Southeast Sales Representative in 2011. With degrees that include a Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as a Master's degree in Agricultural Entomology, Rod has been in the vegetable industry since 1988. Although the majority of his experience has been in field production of major vegetable crops, Rod has broad interest in the many different growing systems utilized by Johnny's customers. Located in Tifton, Georgia, one of Rod's primary goals is to learn firsthand about the challenges that growers in the Southeast are facing.

Current sales territory: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Phone: 229-392-3844

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Amy Dolley

Sales Support Specialist, California and Arizona

Amy is the Sales Support Specialist for John Bauer in California and Arizona.

Amy brings a wealth of experience and working familiarity with Johnny's varieties from prior positions within our Contact Center and the Albion Farm. While at Johnny's Research Farm, she gained hands-on experience spanning our entire process, from starting crops in the greenhouse, transplanting, cultivating, and harvesting, to sluicing and cleaning seeds. This has brought her insight and appreciation of crops not just for their fruit but for the seeds they contain.

Amy also has an extensive knowledge base accrued from running her own homestead farm, with the goal of meeting her own family's needs to every extent possible, in year-round production of an extensive array of vegetables, free-range livestock, and fruit. Amy looks forward to connecting with commercial growers throughout her territories.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5305
Phone: 207-238-5305

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David Veilleux

Sales Support Specialist, Northwest and South Central

Dave is the newest addition to Johnny's sales team, joining us in 2013. His interest in gardening and growing took hold about 10 years ago, on planting his first vegetable garden. Since then he has worked in a multitude of fields, all with an emphasis on customer service, sales, and client relations. Since his first foray into the world of growing his own food, he has been fortunate to meet other growers, kindle working friendships, and help on locally-owned farms, getting a first-hand look into the daily tasks and challenges of small farmers everywhere. He is excited to join Johnny's, and is dedicated to creating and improving relationships with growers in his region.

Toll-Free: 877-564-6697 ext. 5358
Phone: 207-238-5358

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Joy Frost

Sales Support Specialist, Northeast and Southeast

Joy is the Sales Support Specialist for Chris Hillier and Rod Heyerdahl.

Joy has worked at Johnny's since 1996. She has worked in the Call Center and in Customer Service, and has also provided support for International Sales. Joy's experience allows her to provide excellent support for her Territory Sales Representatives, as well as great customer assistance. In addition to her support role, Joy coordinates Johnny's Wholesale Packet program and packet seed company sales.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5319
Phone: 207-238-5319

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Liz MacKinnon

Sales Support Specialist, North Midwest, Massachusetts, and Upper Midwest

Liz is the Sales Support Specialist for Ken Fine and Kristen Dubord.

Liz joined the sales team at Johnny's in November of 2011. She has enjoyed gardening all her life. Liz is the Sales Support Specialist for the Upper Midwest and Northwest sales territories. She is also responsible for Home Garden Wholesale and Johnny's Packet program customers.

The North Central and Northwest/South Central territories include Massachusetts, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawai'i.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5306
Direct line: (207)-238-5306

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Chris Siladi

Territory Sales Representative, Canada

Chris started with Johnny's in 1998 with over five years of experience working on market farms and in the fresh vegetable retail trade. He has enjoyed growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers for over 40 years. Chris has more than 15 years' experience helping growers in Canada and international markets, during which he has remained current with emerging farming techniques and acquired extensive knowledge of existing markets. He has helped many growers to become more efficient and successful while building a strong relationship between the grower and Johnny's Selected Seeds.

With his extensive knowledge of the Canadian markets and a detailed understanding of Canadian import regulations, Chris is responsible for all Canadian sales.

Toll-Free: 800-854-2580, ext. 5311
Phone: 207-238-5311

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Eva Littlefield

Sales Support Specialist, Canada

Eva has worked at Johnny's since December of 1998. Previously, as a member of our Contact Center, she has built strong relationships between Johnny's and customers, and has specialized in assisting the Canadian Sales team to process orders. Her excellent customer service and first-hand knowledge of growing help customers become more efficient and successful in their quest for high-quality seed and produce. Eva assists Chris Siladi, and has been an avid gardener and homesteader for over 35 years.

Toll-free: 877-564-6697 ext. 5396
Phone: 207-238-5396

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Anthony Stevenson

Territory Sales Representative, International

Anthony joined Johnny's International Sales Department in 2007. Anthony holds a Masters in Business Administration and is fluent in Spanish. He is the Territory Sales Representative for all countries excluding the United States and Canada. Anthony works to ensure his customers' success from garden to market by staying up-to-date with gardening techniques, culinary trends, and technical growing knowledge. Every spring he looks forward to starting his own garden — something he has done nearly every year since childhood.

Toll-Free: 877-564-6697, ext. 5310
Phone: 207-238-5310

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Brittany Richard

Sales Support Specialist, for Anthony Stevenson, International

Brittany has worked in customer service for the past 8 years. She started working in the Contact Center in January of 2012, and created an Employee Recognition Program to reward excellent service. She also gained valuable knowledge while working on the Research Farm to help harvest, clean and sluice seeds, and prepare for the end of the growing season. Brittany's background and experience in customer service allow her to provide seamless support for the International Sales Representative.

Toll-Free: 877-564-6697 ext. 5346
Phone: 207-238-5346

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