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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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«  JOHNNY'S WINTER GROWING GUIDE — Recommended Winter Growing Varieties, Tools, Supplies, & Information
  KeykeyPlanting Dates for Winter Harvest Crops
CROP Start Transplant Direct Seed Week 15 Week 14 Week 13 Week 12 Week 11 Week 10 Week 9 Week 8 Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week 2 Week 1 10 hour day
Kale (Full)   15 14 13                          
Tatsoi (Full)               9 8                
Spinach (Full)               8 7              
Claytonia (Full)                 8 7              
Kale (Baby)                   7 6            
Spinach (Baby)                     6 5          
Tatsoi (Baby)                     6 5          
Pac Choi (Full)             10 9 8                
Cilantro (Full)             10 9 8                
Wild Arugula
              9 8                
Mizuna (Full)                 8 7              
Salad Arugula
                8 7              
(Later-Maturing Var.)
                    6 5          
Salad Arugula
                    6 5          
(Early-Maturing Var.)
                    6 5 4        
Mizuna (Baby)                       5 4        
Carrots       13 12                        
Bunching Onions (Scallions)       13 12                        
Lettuce, Salanova
          11 10                    
Swiss Chard
          10 9                  
Turnips             10 9                  
Lettuce (Baby)                   7 6            
Swiss Chard (Baby)                   7 6            
Radishes                   7 6 5          
Mâche               9 8                
Minutina (Full)               9 8                
Use our chart as a scheduling guide, staggering your plantings for a seamless winter harvest.  Keep in mind that the planting dates are back-scheduled from the last 10-hour day at your latitude.  The number of weeks before the Persephone Period is calculated for each listed crop.  The crops are grouped, as outlined here in the Key, to reflect their reliability for winter production.  Click on the crop names to view varieties selected for winter harvest success.
TIER 1 Most Reliably Successful: Kale, Tatsoi, Spinach, Claytonia
TIER 2 Second Most Dependable: Pac Choi, Cilantro, Arugula, Mizuna, Cress
TIER 3 More Challenging: Carrots, Bunching Onions, Lettuce, Chard, Turnips, Radishes
PLANTING TIME 4–15 = Number of weeks to seed prior to last 10-hour day
     JOHNNY'S WINTER GROWING GUIDE — Recommended Winter Growing Varieties, Tools, Supplies, & Information


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