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The tools growers use with their hands need to function much like an extension of the body: they need to be ergonomically proportioned, perform flawlessly, and withstand the test of time. All our professional-grade hand tools have been field-trialed here at our research farm before we offer them to our customers. Constructed of the strongest, most durable materials, our hand tools provide lasting value along with ingenuity of design.
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Best transplanting trowel with rugged design and depth scale on blade.
The best transplanting trowel.
Traditional Korean hand plow dating back over 5000 years.
Traditional Korean hand plow dating back over 5000 years.
Johnny's Exclusive
Wire Weeder Tools & Supplies
Precision weeding with the least soil disturbance for close spacings.
Fast, precision weeding.
Best all-purpose trowel that will last a lifetime, or two or three.
The best all purpose trowel.
Prevents ground posts from deforming. Fits into 1 5/8" ground post.
Prevents ground posts from deforming while safely and properly securing ground posts.
Designed to create the right-sized hole when setting plants.
Designed for transplanting.
Johnny's Exclusive
Spring Tine Cultivator Tools & Supplies
Lightweight tool for comfort and ease when cultivating tight areas.
A new incarnation of an old favorite.
This versatile garden tool makes fast work of tedious garden chores.
Versatile tool recommended by our customers.
Johnny's Exclusive
Maine Ironwood Dibble Tools & Supplies
Ergonomically designed by Johnny's to easily create planting holes.
Designed at Johnny's.
Johnny's Exclusive
Hand Tiller Tools & Supplies
Ideal for preparing garden beds for planting, an Eliot Coleman design.
Eliot Coleman design - ideal for preparing garden beds.
Steel blade. Allen set screws allow easy replacement.
Steel replacement Blade for Long-Handled CobraHead® Weeder & Cultivator.
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