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1000-Ft. Irri-Gator Kit

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Eliminates overhead spray, thereby reducing evaporation, conserving water, and discouraging the spread of foliar disease.

Orifices, spaced every 12", emit 0.15 gal./hr. After 4-6 hours, a continuous band of wet soil develops down the row, uniformly penetrating the root zone. This system includes 1000' of drip tubing, 50' of distribution tubing (no holes), a 10-PSI pressure regulator, a screen filter, two elbows, eight tees, one coupler, and a 3/4" hose-end filter - all the parts you need to configure this kit to your garden. Irrigate up to ten 100' garden rows, spaced up to 5' apart. Kit is expandable. You only need a pair of scissors for the installation – no special tools!



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