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Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Package of Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Easy Choice

Easy Choice varieties will help take the guess work out of growing and are the best
choice for beginning gardeners. Even some pros rely on their consistent performance. Easy Choice varieties have been selected by Johnny's field research team because they are easy to grow, have wide adaptability, and taste great.
Johnnys is committed to your success and is with you every step of the way.

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Pink Beauty(F1) Tomato Seed

Product ID: 2889

Vegetables > Tomatoes > Indeterminate Tomatoes

Firm, delicious.

More Details and Sizes

Pink Beauty

NancyOrganic Lettuce Seed

Product ID: 438G

Vegetables > Lettuce > Butterhead Lettuce (Boston)

Traditional Boston type for spring and fall.

More Details and Sizes


Juliet(F1) Tomato Seed

Product ID: 707

Vegetables > Tomatoes > Saladette and Sauce Tomatoes

Small mini-roma flavor fresh or cooked.

More Details and Sizes


Rainbow Carrot(F1) Carrot Seed

Product ID: 2414

Vegetables > Carrots > Main Crop Carrots

Colored carrot mix.

More Details and Sizes

Rainbow Carrot

BoleroPelleted (F1) Carrot Seed

Product ID: 216JP

Vegetables > Carrots > Storage Carrots

Ideal storage carrot. Conventional seed with NOP-compliant pelleting.

More Details and Sizes


ProCut Gold(F1) Sunflower Seed

Product ID: 1896

Flowers > Sunflowers > Tall, Single-Stem Sunflowers

Impressive early sunflower for cutting.

More Details and Sizes

ProCut Gold

Sugar BunsTreated (F1) Corn Seed

Product ID: 267T

Vegetables > Corn > Sweet Corn > Normal, Sugary Enhanced and Synergistic

A sugary enhanced (se+) variety with the longest harvest period of all early corn varieties.

More Details and Sizes

Sugar Buns

Yukon Gold (OG)Organic Potato Tubers

Product ID: 2361

Vegetables > Potatoes

Yellow-flesh standard.

More Details and Sizes

Yukon Gold (OG)

Indigo(F1) Chicory Seed

Product ID: 2245

Vegetables > Chicory > Radicchio

Excellent uniformity and high-yield potential for summer harvests.

More Details and Sizes


Italian Large LeafPelleted Basil Seed

Product ID: 944P

Herbs > Basil > Pesto Basil

Pelleted seeds for precision sowing and more uniform stands.

More Details and Sizes

Italian Large Leaf

Hungarian Hot WaxPepper Seed

Product ID: 585

Vegetables > Peppers > Hot Peppers > Hot Specialty Peppers

Widely adapted and productive, even in cool weather.

More Details and Sizes

Hungarian Hot Wax

Charisma PMR(F1) Pumpkin Seed

Product ID: 2262

Vegetables > Pumpkins > Jack-o'-Lanterns

Resists powdery mildew, medium size.

More Details and Sizes

Charisma PMR

Baby BearPumpkin Seed

Product ID: 600

Vegetables > Pumpkins > Specialty Pumpkins > Small Specialty Pumpkins

Kids love this perfect mini pumpkin.

More Details and Sizes

Baby Bear

Firecracker(F1) Sunflower Seed

Product ID: 1746

Flowers > Sunflowers > Dwarf Sunflowers

Dwarf, branching plants loaded with red and gold flowers.

More Details and Sizes


New Red FireOrganic Lettuce Seed

Product ID: 430G

Vegetables > Lettuce > Full-Head Lettuce

Red leaf with excellent heat tolerance.

More Details and Sizes

New Red Fire

46 - 60 of 102|Page: << < 2 3 4 5 6 7 > >>


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