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Medium-green zucchini adapted for greenhouse production.
Adapted for greenhouse production.
48 Days
Attractive and high-yielding greenhouse pickler with excellent flavor.
Attractive, high-yielding pickler for the greenhouse.
50 Days
Reliably high, uniform yields of large fruit with very good flavor.
High yields of large, flavorful fruit.
77 Days
Large Beit Alpha for colder conditions.
Large Beit Alpha for colder conditions.
52 Days
Beautiful blocky bell suited for heated tunnels, adverse conditions.
Blocky, red bell pepper for heated tunnel production.
60 green; 80 red ripe
Our most prolific plum with very good flavor, bred for organic systems.
Our most prolific plum, bred for organic systems.
75 Days
The best determinate for hoophouse growing; very high yield potential.
The determinate tomato for hoophouse growing.
75 Days
Productive and tasty mid-sized snacking cucumber.
Productive and tasty mid-sized snacking cucumber.
49 Days
Early and high-yielding San Marzano type for greenhouse and hoophouse.
A San Marzano type for the greenhouse.
72 Days
High-yielding with exceptional flavor and foliar disease resistance.
Exceptionally flavorful with foliar disease resistance.
58 Days
Delicious, productive; fantastic-tasting fruits on nice, long trusses.
Delicious and productive.
58 Days
Workhorse long European cucumber, delicious and bitter-free.
Workhorse long European cucumber.
56 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Tiren Paste Tomatoes
Early, classic San Marzano shape with great flavor for sauce.
Early, classic San Marzano shape.
75 Days
Mini cocktail cukes with excellent flavor, for the field or hoophouse.
Mini cocktail cukes for the field or hoophouse.
45 Days
The best greenhouse tomato for fresh market.
Greenhouse tomato for fresh market.
75 Days
Highly vigorous, disease-resistant rootstock.
Highly vigorous, disease-resistant rootstock.
Vigorous Black Italian type with high yields for greenhouse cropping.
Black Italian type for greenhouse production.
65 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Diva Seedless and Thin-skinned Cucumbers
Especially flavorful harvested small, adapted to field and greenhouse.
Especially flavorful when harvested small.
58 Days
19 - 36 of 88