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Wild tomato with great flavor, fantastic for salsa and fresh eating.
The wild tomato with great flavor.
60 Days
The classic New England pumpkin traditionally used for pies.
The classic New England pie pumpkin.
105 Days
Unique flashy heirloom, tender and sweet in salads or cooked.
Unique flashy heirloom.
57 Days
Heirloom variety with deep-burgundy leaves for salad or micro greens.
Deep-burgundy leaves for salad or micro greens.
35 baby leaf; 58 roots
Big yellow-white fruits with mild flavor; best white tomato we've seen.
Big yellow-white fruits with mild flavor.
75 Days
Beautiful Long Island heirloom suited for pies and long storage.
Long Island heirloom.
108 Days
Italian heirloom with white and violet streaks and creamy texture.
Pink and white Italian heirloom.
73 Days
Sure conversation starter. Pink skin covered with peanut-like blisters.
Blistered skin pattern resembles peanut shells.
95 Days
Classic yellow OP strain, dependable and productive early onion.
Classic yellow OP strain.
98 Days
Heirloom Italian wax bean packed with flavor.
Heirloom Italian wax bean.
54 Days
Popular heirloom muskmelon from Colorado. Also known as 'Rocky Ford.'
Wonderful Colorado heirloom also known as "Rocky Ford."
75 Days
The whitest pumpkin we offer, with smooth skin and pie-worthy flesh.
Snow-white skin.
110 Days
Eastern European frying pepper.
Eastern European frying pepper.
53 pale yellow; 78 red ripe
Big hard-shelled squash; fall tradition at New England roadside stands.
Big hard-shelled squash.
100 Days
Triangular, blue-skinned fruit adds new dimension to ornamental sales.
Add a new dimension to fall ornamental sales.
105 Days
Curious heirloom with fantastic flavor roasted, stuffed, or in pies.
Curious heirloom with fantastic flavor.
100 Days
Well-known heirloom bibb with tongue-shaped leaves, excellent flavor.
Well-known, heirloom bibb type.
28 baby; 46 full size
Emerald green kernels for cornmeal, originally from Southern Mexico.
Emerald green kernels for cornmeal.
95 Days
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