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Storage Cabbage
Storage Cabbage
Plant storage cabbage varieties so they mature just before fall frosts start to become a regular occurrence. After harvest, whole heads can be stored well into the winter months. Shelf life of storage varies by variety, and our selection includes both medium-term and long-term storage varieties. Choose from green or red types.
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Fancy heads for fall storage are dense with good wrapper leaves.
Fancy fall storage red.
85 Days
Excellent eating quality from storage; performs well under stress.
Excellent eating quality from storage.
95 Days
Large pointed cabbage with very tender leaves for sauerkraut and slaw.
Large pointed cabbage for sauerkraut and slaw.
83 Days
Mid-term storage variety, produces high-quality heads for sauerkraut.
Mid-term storage variety for sauerkraut.
94 Days
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