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Cauliflower varieties are generally bred for cool or mild weather conditions, which suit the crop best. Our research is aimed at identifying flavorful, easy-to-grow varieties that perform well even in stressful conditions such as hot weather or below-optimum fertility. We are pleased to offer a wide range of colors, such as purple, orange, and green, including the green-spiraled Romanesco cauliflower. For a varietal comparison chart showing suggested planting and harvesting times, see our Cauliflower Planting Program.
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Mardi Standard Cauliflower
Organic and with early maturity.
New! Organic and with early maturity.
62 Days
Best organic variety for fall harvest; uniform, self-wrapping heads.
The best organic variety for fall.
80 Days
Striking lime-green Romanesco with pointed, spiraled pinnacles.
Spiraled heads.
78 Days
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