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Each year we trial a wide range of chicory varieties to identify those that are easiest to grow and have the best flavor. Johnny's carries the most extensive line of chicories available for intriguing salad mix options for all markets.
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Early escarole, more compact, with darker-green leaves than Natacha.
Early organic escarole.
45 Days
Slow-bolting endive with broad leaves.
Slow bolting broad-leaved endive.
50 Days
Traditional Belgian endive with white (pale yellow) chicons.
Traditional Belgian endive; white (pale yellow) chicons.
115 for root
Narrow, frilly, blanched leaves for salad mix, often called "frisée."
Narrow, frilly, blanched leaves for salad mix.
42 Days
Fall and winter harvest radicchio; quality enhanced by cool weather.
Organic radicchio for fall and winter harvest.
65 Days
Light green Romaine-like heads.
Light green, romaine-like heads.
68 Days
Italian dandelion with bright-red midribs and excellent flavor.
Out of Stock
Italian dandelion with red midribs.
35 baby
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