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A beautiful, gourmet salad vegetable of Italian origin, radicchio is appealingly bitter with a nut-like texture. Like a slow-growing lettuce, the heads form without being cut back or forced. We offer the best varieties of this highly prized type of chicory.
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Extra-early radicchio with uniform, smaller-sized heads.
Extra-early radicchio.
55 Days
Spotted heads for year-round harvest, translates as "beautiful flower."
Spotted heads for year-round harvest.
60 Days
Excellent uniformity and high-yield potential for summer harvests.
Excellent uniformity and high yield potential for summer harvests.
65 Days
Upright deep-maroon radicchio, very attractive and impressively early.
Upright deep-maroon radicchio.
66 Days
Fall and winter harvest radicchio; quality enhanced by cool weather.
Organic radicchio for fall and winter harvest.
65 Days
Light green Romaine-like heads.
Light green, romaine-like heads.
68 Days
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