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Chinese Cabbage
Chinese Cabbage
Chinese cabbages, which include the napa types, combine the thin, crisp texture of lettuce with the fresh peppery tang of juicy cabbage. This group of cabbages originating in Asia tolerates warmer conditions than many other types of cabbage, and can be grown successfully through multiple seasons. Johnny's offers varieties of varying sizes to meet different market demands, for consuming fresh, cooked, or in fermented specialties such as kimchee.
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Best mini variety with light, sweet taste, attractive yellow interior.
Best mini variety.
48 Days
Full-size for cooking and kimchee: sweet, tangy, juicy, and delicious!
Full-size for cooking and kimchee.
52 Days
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching, babyleaf; regrows for multiple cuts.
Mini Chinese cabbage for bunching or babyleaf.
21 baby; 45 full size
Full-size variety with wide adaptability and good, mild, sweet flavor.
Full-size organic variety.
54 Days
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