Vegetables Collards filtered by Additional Characteristics: Recommended Summer Planting for Fall Harvest
This multipurpose green is a favorite in both raw and cooked dishes. In the South it is best for fall, winter, and early spring harvests, to avoid the temperature extremes of midsummer — though it will tolerate a measure of heat. Because collards are also very cold tolerant, it performs equally well in the North, where its flavor is enhanced by frost and cold weather. Our line of collards includes hybrids and open-pollinated varieties, as well as smooth-leaf Vates and savoy-leaf Georgia types. All seed is tested for black rot.
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Vates-type hybrid, a very high-yielding variety.
Vates-type hybrid.
55 Days
Slow-bolting Vates selection for a more compact plant.
Slow-bolting Vates selection.
60 Days
Georgia-type hybrid, our most attractive variety for fresh market.
Georgia-type hybrid.
50 Days
Out of Stock
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