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Dry Corn
Dry Corn
Johnny's offers a selection of ornamental and dry field corn varieties with multiple primary and alternative uses. We select for early maturity dates, yield, vibrant color, flavor, and appearance, including a number of prized heirloom varieties. Our edible and dent types include blue, yellow, white, green, orange, red, bicolor, and multicolor varieties suitable for corn flour, cornmeal, and popcorn, as well as dual-purpose ornamentals. Brightly colored broom corns are useful both as ornamentals and for traditional broom-making.
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Shiny, black-coated seed heads, most striking once the seeds mature.
Shiny, black-coated seeds.
85 - 110 Days
Emerald green kernels for cornmeal, originally from Southern Mexico.
Emerald green kernels for cornmeal.
95 Days
A favorite for yellow cornmeal, the best variety we offer for flour.
A favorite for yellow cornmeal.
100 Days
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