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Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn
Fresh sweet corn is a summer tradition, and a standard crop in home gardens and farmers' markets across America. Each year, Johnny's collaborates with a group of independent sweet corn breeders to trial the best existing and promising new varieties in the field. From this trialing program we select a high-quality assortment that combines superior eating quality with wide adaptability and ease of growing, including classic, old-fashioned sweet corn and normal, sugary-enhanced, synergistic, and super sweet varieties. For more information and definitions of these subtypes, see our Sweet Corn Typology Chart. To compare characteristics of individual varieties, see our Sweet Corn Comparison Chart.
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First super sweet (sh2) ever offered in organic seed.
First organic super sweet (sh2).
71 Days
A tasty, midseason synergistic bicolor bred for low-input systems.
Organic, midseason synergistic bicolor.
75 Days
First bicolor, open-pollinated sweet corn, excellent for seed savers.
The first bicolor, open-pollinated sweet corn.
73 Days
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