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Eggplant today is a highly diverse crop widely cultivated around the globe. While eggplant generally grows best in dependably warm and settled weather, we trial varieties for performance in less favorable conditions, as well as for superior flavor and appearance. We also identify which varieties are best for field, greenhouse, and container production. To compare key characteristics, refer to our Eggplant Variety Comparison Chart.
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Comprido Verde Claro Brazilian Eggplants
Brazilian specialty.
New! Brazilian specialty.
80 Days
The most dependable eggplant, high yielding and early maturing.
The most dependable eggplant.
58 Days
Traditional Black Italian type with glossy, blemish-free fruits.
Traditional black Italian type.
67 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Fairy Tale Mini Eggplants
Attractive purple-and-white mini eggplant with wonderful flavor.
Purple-and-white mini eggplant.
65 Days
High-yielding Black Bell type with very glossy, uniform fruits.
High-yielding Black Bell type.
65 Days
Nonbitter Italian type with deep-pink color and high yields.
Deep-pink Italian type.
65 Days
Strong plant with high yields of purple Asian-type fruits.
Purple Asian type.
65 Days
High-yielding white eggplant with attractive and uniform fruits.
High-yielding white eggplant.
60 Days
Very uniform, high-yielding organic eggplant with classic bell shape.
Very uniform, high-yielding organic variety.
70 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Hansel Mini Eggplants
Abundant yields of solid purple specialty fruits on compact plants.
Solid purple, specialty eggplant.
55 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Clara Italian Eggplants
Unique, large white Italian type with high yields and early maturity.
Unique, large white Italian type.
65 Days
Purple and white variegated Italian type.
Purple and white variegated Italian type.
68 Days
Tender Italian type with dark-purple skin on a white background.
Dark purple on white background, Italian type.
65 Days
Vivid white skin with a clean look.
Vivid white skin with a clean look.
65 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Patio Baby Mini Eggplants
The best container variety, ideal for small-space gardening.
The best container variety.
50 Days
Vigorous Black Italian type with high yields for greenhouse cropping.
Black Italian type for greenhouse production.
65 Days
Slender, Asian-type fruit with deep-pink color and tender flesh.
Slender, deep pink, Asian-type fruit.
65 Days
High-yielding striped Italian type, strong plants for the greenhouse.
Striped Italian type for greenhouse production.
65 Days
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