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At Johnny's, we conduct lettuce trials across multiple growing seasons, and select the most adaptable, flavorful, and attractive varieties for production in each season. We cover a wide array of market needs with summer crisp, romaine, butterhead, oakleaf, bibb, lollo, iceberg, and looseleaf types that can be harvested at babyleaf, mini or full-size head stage, as well as innovations like Salanova. In addition, we offer most of our lettuce varieties in pelleted form for ease of sowing. See our Quick Lettuce Reference Chart for a summary of characteristics.
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Dark-red Tango type with deeply-lobed leaves and curled margins.
New! Dark-red Tango type.
28 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix
Our most popular mix combines balanced color with balanced texture.
Our most popular mix.
28 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Encore Lettuce Mix
An all-organic, stunning mix of diverse colors, shapes, and textures.
An all-organic lettuce mix.
28 Days
Early-producing, adaptable and tasty greenleaf with tender leaves.
Adaptable and tasty greenleaf.
28 Days
Radiant burgundy version of an old favorite; delicate oak-like leaves.
Red version of an old favorite.
26 Days
So widely-known, it is the standard for a class after its own name.
A lettuce classic.
32 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Five Star Greenhouse Lettuce Mix
Blend of downy mildew resistant varieties for fall/winter production.
A blend of downy mildew resistant varieties for fall/winter production under protected cover.
28 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Red Sails
Early, well-regarded redleaf with attractive, ruffled, fringed leaves.
Early, well-regarded redleaf.
27 Days
Attractive heritage lettuce variety with speckled red baby leaves.
Attractive speckled red baby leaves.
27 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Wildfire Lettuce Mix
Blend with high percentage of red leaves and stunning color contrast.
High percentage of red leaves.
28 Days
Old French heirloom with medium-red tinted leaves, excellent flavor.
Well-known French heirloom.
28 Days
Disease-resistant green romaine with well-rounded spoon-shaped leaves.
Disease-resistant green romaine.
30 Days
Green oakleaf for babyleaf. Upright habit and broad disease resistance.
Disease-resistant green oakleaf well-suited for babyleaef production.
31 Days
Attractive blonde romaine for both babyleaf and full-size heads.
Blonde romaine for both baby leaf and full-size heads.
29 baby
Babyleaf romaine which maintains its bright-red color in low light.
Attractive, ruffled, red romaine.
28 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Green Saladbowl
Standard green oakleaf for babyleaf with delicate lime-green leaves.
Standard green oakleaf for babyleaf.
28 Days
The standard green romaine for babyleaf, adds texture to salad mix.
The standard green romaine for baby leaf.
29 Days
Disease-resistant green romaine, performs well in protected culture.
Green romaine with disease resistance.
28 baby
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