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Oakleaf Lettuce
Oakleaf Lettuce
True to its name, the individual leaves of oakleaf lettuce are deeply lobed and shaped like the leaves of oak trees. While generally grown as a leaf lettuce and picked at baby-leaf stage, oakleaf lettuces can also be grown for full-size heads. Both red and green varieties are offered.
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Dark-red Tango type with deeply-lobed leaves and curled margins.
New! Dark-red Tango type.
28 Days
Radiant burgundy version of an old favorite; delicate oak-like leaves.
Red version of an old favorite.
26 Days
So widely-known, it is the standard for a class after its own name.
A lettuce classic.
32 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Green Saladbowl
Classic green oakleaf type with delicate, lime-green, lobed leaves.
Classic green oakleaf.
28 Days
Out of Stock
A favorite for salad mix, lime-green oak leaves for striking contrast.
A favorite for salad mix.
29 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Fast-growing baby red oakleaf with good downy mildew resistance.
Fast-growing baby red oakleaf with good downy mildew resistance.
28 Days
Green oakleaf with upright habit and broad disease resistance package.
Green oakleaf with disease resistance.
31 Days
Disease-resistant, dark-red baby oakleaf with unique leaf shape.
Disease resistant, dark red baby oakleaf.
31 Days
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