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Summer's sweet rewards begin here. Our extensive variety testing assures you of the easiest-to-grow, most flavorful melon varieties in each class of the species Cucumis melo, which includes a diverse range of both netted and smooth melons (watermelons are a different species). See our Melon Variety (C melo) Comparison Chart to review distinguishing characteristics and features, including days to maturity, average weight, disease resistance, harvest technique, and shelf life.
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Sugar Cube Cantaloupe (Muskmelon)
Personal-sized and widely adapted with strong disease resistance.
New! Personal-sized and widely adapted.
80 Days
This classic Charentais has the sweetest flavor of all French melons.
The sweetest French melon.
78 Days
Aromatic with superb flavor: sweet, mildly-spicy with notes of pear.
Superior flavor.
78 Days
High-yielding, widely-adapted organic melon for full-season harvest.
Full season organic variety.
77 Days
Perfect shipping melon with disease tolerance and good shelf life.
Disease tolerant and shippable.
79 Days
Earliest-ripening cantaloupe, developed for cool-weather regions.
The earliest-ripening, Eastern-type cantaloupe.
70 Days
Creamy, aromatic light-orange flesh with distinct, sweet-spicy flavor.
Creamy, sweet, aromatic flesh.
78 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Honey Orange Honeydew Melons
Unique orange-flesh honeydew has honey-sweet flavor and crisp texture.
Unique, orange-flesh honeydew.
74 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Sun Jewel Asian Melons
Unusual, extra-early Korean specialty with standout unique shape.
Extra-early Korean specialty.
68 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Serenade Butterscotch Melons
Single-serve melon with rich and sweet, butterscotch-like flavor.
Single-serve butterscotch melon.
78 Days
Extra-early Charentais type, matures nearly a week before Savor.
Extra-early Charentais.
72 Days
Canary-type melon with sweet and juicy white flesh.
A canary melon with sweet, juicy white flesh.
75 Days
Personal-size, intensely sweet melon with above-average shelf life.
Personal-size melon with intense sweetness.
80 Days
Organic hybrid cantaloupe with disease resistance and great flavor.
Our first organic hybrid cantaloupe.
75 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Honey White Honeydew Melons
Early, cold-weather tolerant smooth-skinned fruits with full flavor.
Early and cool weather tolerant.
77 Days
Beautiful, variegated honeydew perfect for farmers' markets and chefs.
Variegated honeydew.
71 Days
Italian/Tuscan-type cantaloupe.
Italian/Tuscan cantaloupe.
76 Days
Be the first to market with this extra-early Eastern variety.
Earliest Eastern variety.
73 Days
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