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Each year Johnny's trials hundreds of peppers from our own breeding program as well as those of cooperators in the US and overseas. Selected for flavor, appearance, and adaptability, we add only the best-performing varieties. We include sweet bells of every size and color, peppers bred for greenhouse production, and an assortment of sweet specialty types, including Japanese shishito, Italian bull's horn/corno di toro, pimento, snack, banana, and others. Our hot peppers include habanero, cayenne, cherry, paprika, padron, and a number of hot Southwestern types, including jalapeno, Anaheim/NuMex, Fresno, Santa Fe, serrano, and ancho/poblano peppers.
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Widely-adapted organic bell with broad disease resistance package.
Now available organic! Organic bell with broad disease resistance.
65 green, 85 red ripe
Out of Stock
Beautiful jalapeno with high yields and good, hot flavor.
New! Beautiful jalapeno with high yields.
65 green; 90 red ripe
Out of Stock
Sweet and flavorful mini-sized peppers; all three colors in one mix.
All three colors in one mix.
55-63 green, 75-83 color
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Best-tasting and beautiful Italian frying pepper, bred by Johnny's.
Best-tasting Italian frying pepper.
60 green, 80 red ripe
Open-pollinated jalapeno with more skin checking than our hybrids.
Open-pollinated jalapeno.
60 green, 80 red ripe
High-quality open-pollinated bell for Northern growers.
Open pollinated bell for Northern growers.
60 green, 80 red ripe
Sweet heart-shaped pepper, partners with Aura and Glow for tasty trio.
Sweet, cone-shaped peppers.
55 green, 75 red ripe
Medium-large, blocky dark-green bell ripens to yellow/orange.
Blocky, dark-green bell ripens to yellow/orange.
65 green, 85 yellow ripe
Widely adapted, productive in cool weather; prettiest pickled peppers.
Widely adapted and productive, even in cool weather.
58 pale yellow, 83 red ripe
Early Anaheim bred by Johnny's for good productivity in cooler areas.
Early and adaptable Anaheim.
65 green, 85 red ripe
Equally easy-to-grow, bright-orange partner to Aura and Lipstick.
Bright orange partner to Aura and Lipstick is equally easy to grow and rounds out the trio.
53 green, 73 orange ripe
Super-hot! Pungent habanero for fresh, dried use, and "jerk" sauces.
80 green, 100 orange ripe
Specialty pimento cheese pepper with thick, sweet, delicious flesh.
Specialty pimento cheese pepper.
55 green, 75 red ripe
Famous Spanish heirloom, eaten as tapas (appetizers) in Spain.
Famous Spanish heirloom.
60 Days
AAS (All-America Selections) Winners
Perfect golden-yellow partner for Carmen, also bred by Johnny's.
Large, golden yellow corno di toro type.
60 green, 80 yellow ripe
Out of Stock
Gold fruit, makes delicious and colorful trio with Lipstick and Glow.
Golden yellow fruits turn from green to yellow to gold at full maturity.
53 green, 73 golden yellow ripe
Magnificent fruits; earlier, more productive than regular habaneros.
Earlier and more productive than regular habaneros.
70 lime green, 90 red ripe
Sweet and flavorful mini-sized peppers, perfect for a healthy snack.
Sweet and flavorful orange snack peppers.
60 green, 80 orange ripe
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