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Native to North America, pumpkins have been a significant fall harvest crop for over 5000 years. Choose from award-winning Johnny's-bred varieties, select open-pollinated heirlooms, and vigorous, disease-resistant hybrids. We offer organic and conventional forms in diverse colors, sizes, and shapes, for carving jack-o'-lanterns, baking pies, seed roasting and oil extraction, as well as traditional fall decorations. Use our convenient charts to compare days to maturity, average weights, edibility, spacing, vine length, and other variety-specific features.
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Johnny's Exclusive
Cinnamon Girl PMR Pie Pumpkins
Beautiful ornamental with excellent eating quality.
Now available organic! Beautiful ornamental with excellent eating quality.
85 Days
Kakai Specialty Pumpkins
Hulless seeds for snacking.
Now available organic! Hulless seeds for snacking.
100 Days
French pumpkin with vivid color for adding vibrancy to fall displays.
The bright scarlet French pumpkin.
115 Days
Market mainstay in Southern France, where it is sold as cut wedges.
Southern France mainstay.
125 Days
Holds the current world record for size; from originator's stock seed.
The world's record for size-originator's stock.
120 Days
Attractive display pumpkin, makes for good eating and long storage.
The most uniform Jarrahdale we have trialed.
100 Days
Mini pumpkin carefully selected for productivity, shape, and color.
Selected for productivity, shape and color.
77 Days
The classic New England pumpkin traditionally used for pies.
The classic New England pie pumpkin.
105 Days
Spectacular warting makes this the star of the fall-lineup freak show.
Freaky, orange, and warted.
105 Days
Small-medium pumpkin for decorating, carving, and great fall displays.
Wonderful small-medium, white pumpkin.
100 Days
Extra-large white pumpkin that retains its color after maturity.
Extra-large white pumpkin.
100 Days
Doubles as a wild, yet subdued ornamental and a culinary specialty.
Blistered skin and great for pasta-making.
100 Days
Colorful buttercup-shaped fall addition, prominent blossom end button.
Colorful, buttercup-shaped fall display addition.
95 Days
Pink pumpkin with powdery mildew resistance, sweet flesh for cooking.
A pink pumpkin with intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.
110 Days
Weird and tri-colored, adds another dimension to fall ornamental sales.
Add a new dimension to fall ornamental sales.
105 Days
The whitest pumpkin we offer, with smooth skin and pie-worthy flesh.
Snow-white skin.
110 Days
Big jack-o'-lantern with early maturity.
Big jack-o'-lantern with early maturity.
90 Days
Silky texture for a perfect pie, also a gorgeous ornamental.
Silky texture for a perfect pie.
105 Days
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