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About Our Seeds

At Johnny’s our standards for seed germination are higher than the Federal Seed Act standards. To ensure that germination rates are kept high, we store our seeds in a temperature-controlled environment and test each lot every 5 months. Our Quality Assurance team only releases seed that meets our strict requirements.
Always bringing you the latest disease-resistant varieties from trial.
A gorgeous, easy to grow, increasingly popular superfood.
Taste the difference! Quality varieties for every planting slot.
Trialed for your success! A strong lineup of cutting-edge varieties.


We've expanded our line of field-tested, professional-grade tools this year to meet grower requests — whether you need a major piece of equipment or just a spare part or two, we can help you make the time-, labor-, and money-saving choice.
Practical solutions for whatever ails your crops.
Innovative tools destined to make your job easier.
Give your plants a hand and get them up off the ground.
Knives, shears, aprons (and more) with value that lasts.