Tetragonia (New Zealand Spinach) - Key Growing Information

Tetragonia, or New Zealand spinach, a heat-tolerant crop for the high-summer salad garden.
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Tetragonia tetragonoides
ALTERNATE NAME: New Zealand Spinach
CULTURE: To hasten the seeds' slow germination, soak in water for a day prior to sowing. Soaking is not necessary, but it is recommended. Tetragonia is frost sensitive, so delay sowing until after the last spring frost. Sow seeds directly, 8" apart, covering 1/2". The plant will tolerate hot weather.
DISEASES AND PESTS: Prevent disease with crop rotation and sanitation.
HARVEST: About a month after sowing, after the onset of branching, harvest by pinching off the leaf tips. This encourages more branching, and the plants will continue to grow and produce harvestable foliage.
SEED SPECS: SEEDS/LB..: 5,600 seeds.
PACKET: 100 seeds, sows 75'.