Limited Quantities & Replacement Varieties

Limited Quantities & Replacements

  • LIMITED:  Will continue to be offered, but there is a limited quantity of seed available for purchase.
  • DROPPED:  Once our limited quantity of seed is sold out, item will no longer be available for purchase.

Plan ahead for shortages

Purchase now while supplies last, or try our recommended substitutes and replacements.

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Basil 911GP Genovese Organic Pelleted Limited
Cilantro 3755 Cruiser Limited
Parsley 2390G Giant of Italy Organic Limited 2390 Giant of Italy
Sage 934G Common Sage Organic Limited 934 Common Sage

Columbine 3296 Pink Petticoat Limited
Cosmos 4659 Apricotta Limited
Daucus 1968 Dara Limited
Didiscus 3779 Lacy White Limited
  3780G Lacy Lavender Blue Organic Limited 3780 Lacy Lavender Blue
Orlaya 1774G White Finch Limited
Talinum 4411 Limon Dropped
Zinnia 1879 Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix Limited 1346 Benary's Giant Mix

Bean, Pole 39G Northeaster Organic Limited 4680G Helda Organic
Broccoli, Mini 2629 Happy Rich Limited 4124 BC1611
  4122 Sweet Stem Dropped
Brussels Sprouts 4566 Divino Limited
  4566G Divino Organic Limited
Cabbage, Fresh Market 3209 Capture Dropped
  3209G Capture Organic Limited 3209 Capture
Cabbage, Storage 286 Kaitlin Dropped
Carrot, Main Crop 2769GP Negovia Organic Pelleted Limited
  2746G White Satin Organic Dropped 2746 White Satin
  2746GP White Satin Organic Pelleted Dropped 2746JP White Satin Pelleted
Celeriac 660G Mars Organic Dropped 4602G Balena Organic
Corn, Sweet 4458T Cadence XR Treated Dropped 4766 Inspiration
  6036 Vision MXR Limited 4117 Signature XR
  6073T Vision MXR Treated Limited 4117 Signature XR
Cucumber, Slicing 3542 Picolino Dropped 3542G Picolino Organic
Eggplant, Italian 3199 Angela Dropped 4134G Annina Organic
  3198 Jaylo Dropped 4657G Gaudi Organic
Kale 2598 Beira Dropped
Leek 195G Bandit Organic Dropped 4150G Surfer Organic
  2092 Tadorna Dropped 2092G Tadorna Organic
Lettuce, Butterhead 3882G Mirlo Organic Dropped
  3882GP Mirlo Organic Pelleted Dropped
Lettuce, Romaine 3880G Truchas Organic Limited 118G Breen Organic
Lettuce, Summer Crisp (Batavia) 3881GP Muir Organic Pelleted Limited
Melon, Charentais 3071 Escorial Dropped 4328 D'Artagnan
  462 Savor Dropped
Onion, Bunching 491G Deep Purple Organic Dropped
Onion, Cipollini 2717G Red Marble Organic Limited
Onion, Full-size 303 Desert Sunrise Dropped
  4309G Powell Organic Limited
Parsnip 2522 Albion Dropped
  2522JP Albion Pelleted Dropped
Pepper, Hot, Jalapeño 2620 El Jefe Dropped
Pepper, Sweet, Bell 4148G Lilo Organic Limited 591 Islander
Pepper, Sweet, Corno di Toro 3125G Escamillo Organic Limited
Pumpkin, Specialty 2860G Kakai Organic Limited 2860 Kakai
Shallot 2703G Conservor Organic Limited 2703 Conservor
  2703GP Conservor Organic Pelleted Limited
Spinach, Savoyed-Leaf 3583G Tundra Organic Dropped 3565G Acadia Organic
Squash, Winter, Butternut 2604G JWS 6823 PMR Organic Limited 2867 Metro PMR OR 3264G Waldo PMR Organic
Squash, Winter, Kabocha 4424G Marmalade Organic Limited
Swiss Chard 3368G Rhubarb Supreme Organic Limited 702G Ruby Red or Rhubarb Chard Organic
Tomato, Beefsteak 4014G Abigail Organic Limited 3774G Damsel
  3181 Bigdena Limited 2794 Geronimo
  4151 Grand Marshall Dropped 4778 Jolene
Tomato, Cherry 3263G Cherry Bomb Organic Limited 3981 Supersweet 100
Tomato, Paste 3817G Amish Paste Organic Limited 4180G Cipolla's Pride Organic
  2537G Plum Regal Organic Limited
Tomato, Slicing 2525G Defiant PhR Organic Limited 4055G Galahad Organic
  2412G New Girl Organic Limited 3995 Early Girl
Turnip 706 Hakurei Dropped