Chinese Cabbage Types & Varieties Comparison Chart

Name Part # Days To Maturity Type Size/Weight Disease Resistance Features
Bilko Organic 2814Gog 54 Full-size, Green 12" tall (HR: CR, FY) Slow-bolting heads have a good, mild, sweet flavor.
Minuet 2901 48 Mini, Green 9" tall (HR: DM) Light, sweet taste. Slow to bolt.Tolerant to bottom rot and black speck.
Tokyo Bekana 2251 21 baby; 45 full size Mini, Green 10 - 12" tall For bunching or baby leaf. Bright, light-green curly and ruffled leaves add loft and weight to salad mixes. Regrows for multiple cuttings. At full size, tender leaves on narrow, white petioles can be sold as a bunched green.
Rubicon 2246 52 Full-size, Green 11" tall; 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 lb. Blemish-free, deep-green leaves with broad white ribs and a creamy yellow, blanched interior. The flavor is sweet, tangy, juicy, and delicious! Slow bolting. Tolerant to black speck.
Red Dragon 3643 60 Full-size, Red 10" tall Compared to green napa types, flavor is slightly stronger and heads are not quite as dense at maturity. Culinary uses include salads, stir-fries, and kimchee.
Merlotnew 4171 60 Full-size, Red 11 - 12" tall Improved Red Dragon type with darker red, more attractive heads.