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For 49 years Johnny's has set the standard for high seed quality, meeting or exceeding federal minimum requirements for germination rates, pathogen testing, and traceability.
Exceptional baby leaf, one-cut, and head lettuce from our trials.
Exciting new slicers and specialty varieties with unbeatable flavor.
Cutting-edge products you can't find anywhere else.
Now offering even more options for the organic farm and garden.


"We know a tool's success is only as good as the grower's success in using it."
—Jen Goff, Associate Product Manager, Tools & Supplies
New starter kits, microgreens supplies, and more from our trials.
Trial-tested trays, media, and kits for growing healthy micros.
Natural, ergonomic choices for small-space gardens. Made in the USA.
Durable trellises, fences, and cages for vining and climbing plants.