Shoots Comparison Chart

Name Part # Harvest Size Flavor
Shades of Green Nasturtium 3389S Leaves are 1" diameter Sweet, spicy flavor.
Nasturtium 1905S Leaves are 1" diameter Spicy flavor.
Gray Striped Sunflower Organic 3237GSog 3–4" Mild nutty flavor.
Tendril Pea Organic 3165SGog 3–5" Good flavor, lots of tendrils.
Field Pea Organic 3161SGog 3–5" Mild, pea flavor.
Popcorn 3164S 3–4" Sweet flavor.
Hard Red Winter Wheat Organic 2162SGog 3–5" Fresh, pleasantly bitter, mild sweet juice.
Buckwheat Organic 2151SGog 3–4" Mild, lettuce flavor.
Black Oil Sunflower Organic 2160SGog 3–4" Mild nutty flavor.
Field Pea 3161S 3–5" Mild, pea flavor.
Bean, Mung Organic 2156SGog 3" Mild Bean flavor.
Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea 2206S 3–5" Mild, pea flavor.