Swiss Chard Comparison Chart

Name Part # Petiole Color Leaf Color Amount of Savoy
Barese 6029 White Green Low
Bright Lights 703D Mixed colors Mixed High
Fordhook Giant Organic 701Gog White Green Medium
Bright Yellow 2205D Yellow Green Medium
Peppermint 3066 Pink and White Dark Green Medium
Fordhook Giant 701 White Green Medium
Ruby Red or Rhubarb Chard 702 Red Red/Green Medium
Orange Ribbed Organic 3670Gog Orange Green Medium
Magenta Sunset 2730 Magenta Red/Green Low
Ruby Red or Rhubarb Chard Organic 702Gog Red Red/Green Medium
Rhubarb Supreme Organic 3368Gog Red Dark Green High
Bright Lights 703JP Mixed colors Mixed High
Oriole Organic 3122Gog Orange Dark Green Medium