Determinate Tomato Comparison Chart

Name Part # Season Fruit Size Disease Resistance Firmness Features
Chiquita 2853 Early 12 - 15 gm. (HR: F) Medium Beautiful, deep rose-pink tomato with good flavor.
Plum Regal 2537 Mid 4 oz. (HR: F2, LB, TSWV, V. IR: AB.) Firm Late and early blight resistance.
BHN 871 3089 Mid 10 - 12 oz. (HR: F2, FOR, TMV, V) Firm Best orange determinate.
Polbig 178 Early 6 - 8 oz. (HR: F, TMV, V) Firm Cool climates, extra early.
Oregon Spring Organic 725og Early 7 oz. (HR: V) Medium Medium-sized, early, and cold tolerant.
Mountain Merit 3080 Mid 8 - 10 oz. (HR: F3, LB, N, TSWV) Firm Late blight resistance.
Glacier Organic 3750Gog Early 1 - 2 oz Soft Heirloom cocktail tomato with wonderfully complex flavor.
Celebrity 733 Mid 7 - 8 oz. (HR: AS, F, N, TOMV, V) Firm Easy to grow.
Skyway Organic 3204Gog Late 8 - 12 oz. (HR: F3, ToANV, V; IR: N, TSWV, TYLCV.) Firm Best disease package for the South.
Defiant PhR Organic 2525Gog Early 6 - 8 oz. (HR: F2, LB, V; IR: AB.) Medium Late blight resistant, early.
Mountain Fresh Plus 3808 Mid 8 - 16 oz. (HR: F2, N, V) Firm Strong producer of larger fruits.
Gold Nugget Organic 738og Early 15 - 20 gm. Medium An early, prolific, golden cherry tomato.
BHN 589 3226 Late 8 - 10 oz. (HR: F2, TMV, V) Med. Firm Best for hoophouse.
Taxi Organic 739og Early 4 - 6 oz. Medium Unique yellow color, early, OP.
Sunrise Sauce 3376 Mid 3 - 4 oz. (HR: F, V.) Firm Much sweeter flavor than others in its class.
Valley Girl 741 Early 7 - 8 oz. (HR: F2, V) Firm Stress resistant, long harvest season.
BHN 968 2590 Mid Early 15 - 20 gm. (HR: F, N, TMV, TSWV, V) Med. Firm Excellent flavor plus TSWV and Nematode resistance.
Paisano 3849 Mid 4 - 5 oz. Medium Firm Concentrated sets.
Tasmanian Chocolate Organic 3558Gog Late 4 - 6 oz. Delicious OP slicer for small spaces. Developed by Craig Lehoulier as part of the Dwarf Tomato project and OSSI.
BHN 1021 2591 Late 8 - 16 oz. (HR: F2, N, TSWV, V) Firm TSWV resistance.