Heirloom Tomato Comparison Chart

Name Part # Days To Maturity Type Fruit Size Color Texture Firmness Features
Nepal Organic 748og 78 Heirloom 10 - 12 oz. Red Meaty Soft Smooth and flavorful in late season.
Carbon Organic 3763Gog 76 Heirloom 10 - 14 oz Black Meaty Soft Highly productive black heirloom with excellent flavor.
German Johnson Organic 3815Gog 75 Heirloom 8 - 16 oz. Pink Creamy Soft More vigorous, higher yielding Brandywine type.
Black Krim Organic 3814Gog 80 Heirloom 8 - 16 oz. Black Smooth Soft Russian heirloom.
Blue Beech Organic 3412Gog 82 Heirloom 8 - 10 oz. Red Meaty Med. Firm Large and meaty "sausage" type heirloom, excellent for sauce making or fresh eating.
Japanese Black Trifele Organic 2795Gog 74 Heirloom 4 - 6 oz. Black Rich Soft Heirloom with unusual pear shape and burgundy color.
Striped German Organic 2372og 78 Heirloom 12+ oz. Red & Yellow Smooth Soft Bicolor red and yellow fruit.
Glacier Organic 3750Gog 55 Large-fruited 1 - 2 oz. Red Smooth Soft Delicious first-early heirloom. Tolerant of cooler spring temperatures and particularly well-adapted to the North.
Moskvich Organic 756og 60 Heirloom 4 - 6 oz. Red Meaty Soft One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes.
Amish Paste Organic 3817Gog 85 Heirloom 8 - 12 oz. Red Meaty Soft Rich flavor, large fruit size.
Green Zebra Organic 2276og 72 Heirloom 3 - 4 oz. Green Meaty Med. Firm Green-striped salad specialty.
Speckled Roman Organic 3816Gog 85 San Marzano (striped) 6 - 8 oz. Red Meaty Soft Unique striped skin.
Pruden's Purple Organic 712og 67 Heirloom 1+ lb. Pink Smooth Soft Early Brandywine type.
San Marzano II Organic 3405Gog 78 Heirloom San Marzano 4 - 6 oz. Red Dry Med. Firm OP paste tomato with classic old-world look and taste.
Cherokee Purple Organic 753Gog 72 Heirloom 8 - 12 oz. Black Meaty Soft Unusual variety with full flavor.
Yellow Brandywine Organic 714og 78 Heirloom 12+ oz. Orange & Yellow Smooth Soft An orange old-timer with rich flavor.
Valencia Organic 749og 76 Heirloom 8 - 10 oz. Orange Meaty Med. Firm Sunny orange fruits with full tomato flavor.
Brandywine Organic 2845og 78 Heirloom 1 lb. Pink & Red Smooth Soft One of the best tasting tomatoes.
Black Prince Organic 2971Gog 74 Heirloom 3 - 5 oz. Black Smooth Med. Soft Mahogany brown with good flavor.
Cherokee Green Organic 821Gog 72 Heirloom 8+ oz. Green Meaty Soft Unique color, great flavor.
Matt's Wild Cherry 732 60 Heirloom 5 gm. Red Smooth Soft The wild tomato with great flavor.