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Sow with confidence: We store our seeds under carefully controlled conditions of low humidity and temperature, operate a quality-assurance lab on site, and closely monitor germination of all our seed lots, so that we ship you only the most viable seeds possible.
Vary your offering and appeal to ethnic markets with unusual greens.
Shop trialed and true onion varieties and fill every planting slot.
The flavor we can’t resist: peppery, spicy, delicious.
Choose from a wide array of beautiful, flavor-rich micros for max plate appeal.


When it comes to Tools & Supplies, our focus is on smart design, durability, good value, and environmental safety — products that will make your time spent in the field, garden, or greenhouse more satisfying and productive.
How to tuck your crops beneath their fleecy blankets.
Provide the optimal environment for robust, healthy transplants.
Let in the light, keep out the snow. Shop now for durable coverage.
Trays, domes, and flats, oh my! Shop now to start your seeds off right.