A collection of gardening hand tools laid out on a raised bed.

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Best transplanting trowel with rugged design and depth scale on blade.
Traditional Korean hand plow dating back over 5000 years.
Best all-purpose trowel that will last a lifetime, or two or three.
This versatile garden tool makes fast work of tedious garden chores.
Fast and efficient weeding in winter high tunnels.
A classic tool for transplanting.
Designed for ergonomic transplanting.
Precision weeding with the least soil disturbance for close spacings.
Like having a steel fingernail® growing out of the end of your hand.
Ideal for preparing garden beds for planting, an Eliot Coleman design.
Prevents ground posts from deforming. Fits into 1 5/8" ground post.
Lightweight tool for comfort and ease when cultivating tight areas.