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Green, yellow, and purple snow pea pods shown on a wooden cutting board.
Snow Peas
The flat, crisp pods of snow peas are a classic stir-fry ingredient and most welcome in salads. They are grown just like shell peas. Remove strings from large pods. Refer to our comparison chart to compare with snow with snap pea types.
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This large-podded snow pea is a delicious flavor treat.
Large-podded snow pea.
60 Days
Fancy, dark green pods, produces ample tendrils for garnishes.
Fancy, dark green pods.
60 Days
Johnny's Exclusive
Royal Snow Snow Peas
Attractive, deep-purple pods, part of the Calvin's Peas® Collection.
Deep purple pods. Part of the Calvin's Peas® Collection.
61 Days
Yellow-podded snow pea with long harvest window and purple flowers.
Yellow-podded snow pea.
61 Days
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