The fruits of a large assortment of heirloom tomato varieties, some cut open to reveal the internal colors.

Heirloom Tomatoes

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High-quality strain of this classic heirloom paste tomato.
One of the most flavorful tomatoes. Rich, loud, and distinctively spicy.
Long favorite heirloom plum, good for salads, ideal for processing.
Russian heirloom with bold, smoky flavor, good texture, unusual look.
Green-striped, delicious, and tangy salad specialty.
Tasty first-early variety borne on a compact, determinate plant.
More vigorous, higher yielding Brandywine type with excellent flavor.
Bicolor with complex, fruity flavor and beautiful interior marbling.
Unique color and great flavor; one of the best green tomatoes.
Heirloom with unusual pear shape, burgundy color, and rich flavor.